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This post comes a little late, but thats what happens in stormy times. We are proud to inform you that POLITICAL SPACE MATTERS was part of this years Z2X conference for “new visionaries” in Berlin. The conference was organised by ZEIT ONLINE, the online branch of DIE ZEIT, one of Germany’s largest (and definitely one if its best) newspapers.

We held a workshop on the idea behind the URBAN ACTION NETWORK. Thanks to the organisers of the festival – it was a whole lot of fun!


Political Space Matters @ EUROCITIES


We are proud to announce that our paper on Political Space, written for the open call to young professionals “Views on the urban future”, is selected for the 30 year anniversary of EUROCITIES print and online publication which will be launched during the EUROCITIES annual conference, taking place this year in Milan on 16-18 November.

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Urban Action Network live in Berlin!

2016-06-06 13.14.15

A baby is born! After nine months of thinking about and giving shape to our idea, we are proud to announce that the Urban Action Network has finally been exposed to the light of the public world in Berlin on 06.06.2016!

We are happy and grateful that our project Urban Action Network has been supported by the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes from the very beginning. The recent event in the Berlin Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften in the heart of Berlin was a great stage for our idea. Now we hope to find further support in order to put theory into practice and provide a stage, an arena, an archive and a forum for the urban actors of Berlin and eventually also of other European cities.

We are convinced that an Urban Action Network has the potential to change the process of city-production and thereby to improve the living conditions of citizens!

Read more about the idea here

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Political Space Matters in Idrija, Slovenia


– Political Space Matters! Students, Practicioners and Politicians engaged in a discussion. –

Political Space Matters was part of an intensive three-months-workshop about post-industrial urban development. The goal of the workshop was to develop a strategy for the future development of Idrija, a small Slovenian town one bus-hour from Ljubljana. Idrija is a representative example for many small cities in all parts of Europe. It has a rich industrial history and heritage but it lacks a clear vision for the future. The main question of the workshop was How can industrial and cultural heritage become a starting point for urban development beyond tourism?

Together with almost 30 students from different academic disciplines (architecture, sociology, marketing), a team of experienced mentors and financial support from the European Union, we developed a set of ideas, projects and strategies for future development. Our proposals are all based on an in-depth analysis of economic, demographic, social and spatial challenges. The project culminated in an intensive one-week-workshop on site. The first tangible outcome was a public exhibition of our work in the entrance to a mine that was abandoned for more than one decade.

Throughout the workshop, the team of Political Space Matters emphasized the importance of citizen participation and projects designed with instead of for the public. Our goal was not to develop a master plan but rather a set of starting points  and milestones for future development. Our proposals are designed in such a way that citizens are no longer variables in a development-calculation but actors of urban change. We have tried to address especially the young citizens of Idrija, since at the moment many of them are leaving their hometown behind.

We are greateful for this experience and curious to see how Idrija will develop in the future!





In a week-long workshop a fruitful group composed of an architect, programmer, philosopher, lawyer, engineer, sociologist, and historian brainstormed about the idea of URBAN ACTION NETWORK. We are happy with the results which you can now check here.



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for more info go to: http://politicalspacematters.com/be-a-good-citizen/