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This website is all about political space, about the spaces where we act politically. Our basic intention is to promote the idea that political space matters and to provide theoretical insights into political space matters.

We are convinced that the environment where we engage in public affairs, participate in politics, get involved with the government of our community influences if we act, what we do and what results from our actions.

In other words: Just as there are better and worse cafés, playgrounds, libraries, schools, theatres, hospitals, concert halls, office buildings, streets and neighbourhoods – there are  also better and worse spaces for acting politically.

But what characterises the good ones? What is it that makes them good and seperates them from the rest?

Well, we spent a lot of time thinking about this question, then we wrote a joint master thesis on the topic and a little later we published a book.

You can read the entire book on issue. (If you would like to get the .pdf or a printed copy just send us an email and we are happy to send it to you!)

For all of you who would like to explore the topic on this website, we put together an overview of the central elements of political action and the principles of political space which can be derived from them.

However, dear Reader, these 26 paragraphs are like three walls of a house – they are quite something on their own, but they need a proper foundation, a fourth wall and a roof in order to really make sense. You will find the missing elements in the book, not on this website.

What you will find on the page, instead, are some insights into what we are doing on our blog and some more insights into what we would like to do on our ideas page.

We wish you a nice journey into political space matters!




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